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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ketchup Time

Saturday's weigh-in went pretty well, maybe too well.

Since my car was in the repair shop over the weekend, my dear girlfriend drove me to LEAN Living.  Twelve chuckholes and a wild turkey sighting later, we arrived.

After the weigh-in, I got an epiphany.  At least for that day, I decided that I am tired of trying to be Superman all the time.

Since we were half-way there already, I told my dear girlfriend that we might as well visit Chardon.  There are antique shops and other places that she likes to to walk around that I don't mind visiting.  There are some taverns in that area that I enjoy and she doesn't mind visiting.  A win-win situation.  Especially for the taverns.

As I wandered through the antique shops, I noticed they all had a lot of George Clooney memorabilia.  At least I thought it was George Clooney memorabilia.  My girlfriend told me those were mirrors.  Oh, well.  Honest mistake on my part.

After the browsing, we ended up at Bass Lake Tavern for lunch.  Before we even got there, I decided to have a burger for a change.  And fries.  Although not the greasy consistency typical of fries from a fast-food place, these were french fries all the same.  Since I have done so well so far in this contest, I decided to treat myself and I stand by my decision.  This was the first time since January 18th that I have eaten anything that was fried.  ANYTHING.

Eating the burger and fries took about a minute less than my decision to order them in the first place.  If such a negative time duration is physically or scientifically possible, I am sure Einstein postulated it at some time.

So, if you see a big red "S" on the front of my shirt, I am not Superman anymore.  I am just a slob with the ketchup bottle.

I plan to work off the teenie-weenie weight gain from this welcomed break this upcoming week.  If only an additional pound or two is lost by next weigh-in, too bad.  I will call this "ketchup time".

This little bit of cheating should have been done a long time ago, but as they say, "Heinz-sight is 20/20".  I relish the thought.


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