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Monday, July 8, 2013

Final Barbeque Scorecard (I can do this)

My barbeque Saturday went really well.  Thanks to a lot more work being done than food consumed, it only cost me a mere one pound.

The "work" consisted of moving and setting up a huge amount of stuff:  banquet tables, chairs, tents, cookers, coolers, and wheelbarrows full of firewood for two fire pits.  And I'm probably forgetting something.

The "food' consumed was a "cook's taste" of just about everything as it was completed, plus some on-going "quality control".  (I would NEVER serve my guests anything I wouldn't eat).  A rib or two, a slice of beef brisket, a clump of pulled pork, a chunk of smoked turkey, a spoonful or two of macaroni and cheese, and a piece of smoked salmon.

Outside of a few smoked bacon-wrapped jalapenos, I gave myself dispensation on veggies for the day.  Spinach and broccoli have no place at a REAL barbeque.

Throughout the day, I drank a few light beers to wash down this mess.  Some cookies were eaten only to avoid hurting the feelings of my guests who worked hard to supply those desserts.

One pound gained for more "cheating" than I have done in five months combined... I'll take it.


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