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Sunday, July 14, 2013

On Auto-Pilot

A lot of my friends have noticed my recent weight loss.  I hand out coupons for Lenscrafters to the ones that don't.  This is flattering and makes me proud of my accomplishments.

After the usual conversation that begins with "How did you do it?", the talk moves along to "Will you ever be able to keep it off?".

This is not even a concern to me.  There have been so many tweaks to my life, that I feel like I am flying on auto-pilot.  Here are some examples:

Yesterday, I attended a graduation party for the daughter of a fraternity brother of mine.  Did I stick to veggies and water?   No.  I actually pigged-out on a variety of sandwiches and even had a few light beers.

Is this due to indifference?  No.  I know that I had completed a harder-than-average workout that morning, and then skipped lunch since the party was on the early side.  I also know my metabolism is still cranked-up enough to burn it off fairly quickly.  And the next party isn't for quite some time, so this is a once-in-a-while deal.

Last night, we had overnight guests.  My dear girlfriend's son and his wife from Columbus crashed at our house since they were in Cleveland for their friend's party.  I helped cook them breakfast: bacon and eggs.  The frying pan felt like some strange tool for some alien task.  I am so out of practice on frying eggs that I broke one of the egg yolks.  I never do that.

After scrambling up and eating the "mistake", I had my usual bowl of Total.

Our guests departed shortly after breakfast, so we gave them a lot of our barbecue leftovers to help us avoid the temptation of all that decadent food from last week.

With the rest of the day to ourselves, we made our plans: buy healthy groceries for the week and perhaps stop for lunch someplace with good food choices.  Grill up a bunch of chicken breasts for dinner and lunches for the week.

With all this heat, the cardio workout will be in the evening.  It will not be skipped, either.

That's what auto-pilot does to your brain.


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