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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Yet Another Great Perk

What a great perk the YMCA membership is!

This morning, I went to the Painesville branch with my girlfriend, since she is already a member there.  She swam her crazy amount of laps while I used the track and explored the facilities.  I am not a swimmer like she is.  I can swim enough to save myself if I fell off of a boat, at least until the Coast Guard got there.

Now that the weather is nice, I see myself going to the Y most mornings - early, before work.  This will allow me to get some strength training and some cardio out of the way, freeing up the rest of my day.  If the lawn isn't screaming "Cut me!", I will make time for an evening run of an hour or so.  The Y will also be my "go to" place when the weather does not cooperate.

With all the nice spring weather comes a lot of interesting road races.  I am considering doing several.  The nice thing is that last week proved I can run an hour straight, so any race of 10K (6.2 miles) or less is do-able right now.  My sadistic track coach keeps putting a bug in my ear about a half-marathon, but that will take some training first.

For now, let's see how fast we can get these rusty 55 year-old wheels to move.

As far as diet, last week was the closest to normal I have been since the contest started.  Since my energy level needs to be high, I am eating many more carbs.  But, I still think "healthy" all the time.  For example, in my travels last week to Virginia, I went to the most convenient restaurant which happened to be a steakhouse.  I started with a side salad - no croutons or cheese, oil and vinegar on the side.   Then I ordered the smallest filet, 6 ounce, with a double order of steamed broccoli instead of potato, and asked that they not serve me any rolls.  If that is a tough lifestyle change, bring on more.


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