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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

2 a Day is Better than 1 a Day

No, this blog is not about multi-vitamins... It's all about exercise.

Thanks to the wonderful opportunity to work out at the Y with our free membership, plus the nicer spring weather and longer days, I have made a change to my workout schedule effective today.  This decision was based on a chat I had with Ron Graham after my last health assessment.

The topic of discussion was the best time to exercise - morning versus evening.  Ron made the point that HGH levels are higher in  the morning, so taking advantage of that has some benefits.

All my life, I have hated one thing about evening workouts - getting pumped up so much that sleeping is troublesome.  Lately, I can't fall asleep quickly, even if I watch American Idol or Dancing with the Stars.  Not even Piers Morgan's show on CNN causes drowsiness, as one would expect.

Now, I have decided to heed Ron's advice and then some.  Do a little of both.

Since she is already a member there, while my dear girlfriend puts in her crazy Diana Nyad-like number of laps in the Y pool, I put in my laps at the Y track and mix in a few weights.  All this starts before 6 am.  During this time, I used to just sit around drinking coffee at home while she swam.  Now, off I go with her.

With an official workout completed by 7:30 am, I can now do whatever I want after work.  This can be yard work or another workout, short of course.  This is where the "2 a Day" comes in.

I can even take an afternoon off, if I want, since my morning workout got the exercise out of the way early.

We will see how this goes.  I expect to sleep like a baby, unless I die of exhaustion first.  All this without the use of a sedative, like watching Piers Morgan on CNN.


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